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Howdy! Arjun Ramesh here 👋

I am a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) under Prof. Anthony Rowe. My research interests include distributed embedded systems, computer architecture, and operating systems. I completed my B.S in ECE at UT Austin, with a focus in Computer Architeture and Embedded Systems.

I often engross myself in personal projects, hackathons, and product development. A notable mention is my senior capstone research project at UT, where we designed an in-house out-of-order RISC-V core with custom perfomance enhancing extensions to system. A more detailed list of my personal projects can be found here

Career goals aside, I enjoy playing sports including surfing, badminton, and trekking. Listening to and playing music is a great way for me to escape the stress of work and express my artistic side. You can learn more about my hobbies here

Culturally, I am an Indian-American who has had nearly equal exposure to both cultures. I cannot begin to choose between which one I value more, so I hope to absorb and embrace the best parts of both.


  • Oct 2022: Invited talk: Giving the Cloud an Edge with WebAssembly at WASM Research Day (with Tianshu Huang)
  • Aug 2021: Started my PhD at Carnegie Mellon University!
  • May 2021: Graduated with a Bachelors degree from UT Austin 🤘


Work Address

Robert Mehrabian CIC (1st floor)
4720 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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