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Extending the RISC-V ISA


  • Custom synthesizable Verilog implementation of RV32-IM core and memory hierarchy
  • Added ISA + Microarchitectural extensions to accelerate:
    • Searching in Linear-Probed Hashsets (up to 10x speedup on high load-factors)
    • Breadth-First Search (average 2x speedup)

 Presentation  |  Design  |  Code  |  Team of 2

Processing-In-Memory: Sorting Algorithms


  • Surveyed the ability of PIM to accelerate sorting techniques
    • Two base algorithms -- insertion/radix sort + merge -- showed similar results
    • PIM performed slower than C/C++ quicksort
    • Effect of PIM parameters (DPU-CPU tradeoffs, cache size) are analyzed

 Presentation  |  Code  |  Team of 5

XC2064 FPGA Design


  • Fully-synthesizable Verilog design of the XC2064 from 1985
  • Created tooling for demonstration
    • Unit tests for LUT and CLB
    • Web GUI for interconnect bitstream generation

 Reference Article  |  Code  |  Team of 3

1D Cellular Automata Theory


  • Brief survey of local pattern formation in 1D Cellular Automata Theory

 Paper  |  Solo

RTOS Design


  • Built a bare-metal RTOS on TM4C123 microcontroller with basic features:
    • Real-time priority scheduler with thread/process management
    • FAT32 file system and memory management
    • Wireless remote-procedure calls and user interpreter
  • Demonstrated OS robustness with two-player remote battleship application

 Demo  |  Team of 2

JASP Cellular Phone


  • Supports call+text functionality with total cost under $50
  • Integrates a LCD, real-time clock, and numpad on a TM4C123 microcontroller
  • Uses LittlevGL library for graphical rendering
  • Voted best project during class (EE 445L) project showcase

Code  |  Team of 4

Enrich: PennApps 2019


  • Prototype for an interactive course organization and lecturing platform
  • Allows for messaging service, speech-to-text translation, and a "learning ratio" statistic to get anonymous real-time feedback about the lecture

 Devpost  |  Code  |  Team of 4

RecycleMe: CreateAThon 2019


  • Smart autonomous trash-sorter to sort Recyclable, Landfill, and Compostable materials
    • Raspberry Pi controls movable compartment with camera to detect new objects
    • A trained CNN runs on offsite server to process data in real-time
  • Built a mobile app to crowd-source the gathering and labelling of real-world dataset

 Presentation  |  System Code  |  Mobile App  |  Team of 5

Home-Unity: HackDFW 2019


  • Mobile app for homeless users to receive notifications about provisions from the City of Dallas
  • Data-visualization web platform for City of Dallas to better understand the urban geography of homelessness
  • Awarded first place from City of Dallas and OmniSci under social good category

 Devpost  |  Code  |  Team of 5

ChairIoT: CreateAThon 2018


  • Prototype for a self-organizing chair platform
    • Raspberry Pi used for processing pipeline and motor control
    • Uses IMU to gather time-series acceleration data and gyroscope data
    • Implemented Kalman filter to compute net displacement
    • Power management components mounted below the platform

 Proposal  |  Code  |  Team of 5