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  • I started serious speedcubing in high-school and competed in a variety of local/national competitions
  • Developed a variety of my own unique algorithms for to ease memorization and speedsolving. Solved 3x3 (blind/OH), 4x4, 5x5, megaminx...

Here is my official profile

My notable unofficial records are 10.2 sec (3x3), 19.5 sec (3x3 OH), 1:58 min (3x3 blind).


My music tastes mostly span jazz, classic and progressive rock from the 1960s-90s (no, I am not a 65 year-old...).

I play the guitar, piano, and more recently, the flute. Jamming is always a pleasure. Please reach out to me if interested :)

My music content can be found on my YouTube page

Fun Fact: I am right-handed, but am a lefty guitarist!




I competed in a range of atheletics events, particualarly long distance running (5Ks and 10Ks). I have been running sub-50 min 10Ks since the age of 15.


High-altitude trekking is the perfect mix of exercise and amazing views! My most notable hike has been the Annapurna Circuit (120 km, 11 days), peaking at a height of 5400m at the age of 14.



Badminton has been my primary sport of interest, and I have competed frequently in university, and state championships back in India.


A more recent endaevor since 2020, I have enjoyed surfing across the globe in various countries.