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Professional Experience


Undergraduate Teaching Assistant


  • Past Positions:
    • Computer Architecture (Dr. Yale Patt, UT Austin, Fall 2020)
    • Introduction to Computing (Dr. Yale Patt, UT Austin, Fall 2019)
    • Introduction to Embedded Systems (Dr. Jon Valvano, UT Austin, Spring 2019)
    • Introduction to Computing (Dr. Ramesh Yerraballi, UT Austin, Fall 2018)
  • Responsible for holding review sessions, office hours, grading, and constructing assignments/exams
  • Provide guidance to students in determining their fields of interest


Apple Inc.


   GPU Design Verification Intern  |  Austin, TX

  • Improved speed and coverage of address generation test set for GPU memory hierarchy
  • Developed a library to allow reproducability of tests for targeted constraint testing
  • Bringup of UVM testbenches for memory hierarchy

   SystemVerilog,  Python     UVM

Centaur Technology Inc.


   CPU Design Verification Intern  |  Austin, TX

  • Created a real-time debugging tool to monitor chip performance using ELK stack
  • Tested and debugged AVX-512 instructions
  • Improved pre-silicon test tools for register file verification
  • DevOps work: CI/CD, bugreport database management and front-end scripting

   Python,  Ruby,  SystemVerilog     ELK,  Jenkins,  Docker,  Traefik

Qube Cinema Inc.


   Software Engineering Intern  |  Chennai, India

  • Worked on iCount - a commercial product to count seat occupancy in theaters
    • Reworked the CNN in Keras using transfer learning on ResNet50 model
    • Added augmentation to account for poorly lit environmental conditions
    • Accuracy of 92% on uncorrelated test set

   Tensorflow,  Python     Keras

Lucid Imaging Pvt. Ltd.


   Machine Learning Intern  |  Bangalore, India

  • Designed a CNN model to detect polypropylene in fast-flowing industrial cotton
    • Tranfer learning performed on VGG-16 deep learning model in Keras
    • Dealt with highly imbalanced class labels in training set
    • Achieved 96% test accuracy with no false positives

   Tensorflow,  Python     Keras


  • Machine Learning: Andrew Ng (Coursera)
  • Android App Development: CMS IT Services