Sukanto Tanoto is a self-made entrepreneur, noted for his pioneering success in a number of industries in Indonesia. He opened the country’s first plywood factory, and within Indonesia, is recognized as the business architect of the country’s modern plywood and pulp industries.

A strategic thinker with a forward-looking vision, Sukanto Tanoto is quick to capitalize on the enormous growth opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. In 1995, he restructured the pulp operations of RGMI Group (now known as RGE) to form a separate, pan-Asia pulp & paper company, Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited (APRIL). Within a record span of 7 years, he succeeded in building a 2 million tonne, world-class, state-of-the-art, pulp mill in a developing country and amidst a most challenging environment.

Besides pulp and paper, Tanoto diversified his portfolio by establishing his businesses at strategic nodes on the value chains in the palm oil, refinery and energy related businesses. Today, RGE focuses on producing and delivering world-class forestry and energy products to ever-growing numbers of customers throughout the world. Their vision is to become world-leading, well-managed resource-based manufacturers who are preferred suppliers to their customers and preferred employers to their people.

On the personal front, Tanoto is a firm believer in life-long learning. He is an avid reader and devotes time from his busy schedule to attend courses at the leading business schools in the world to keep abreast with the latest business strategies, ideas and management concepts.

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