18200 Fall 2005


Lecture schedule

Lecture Contents
L01 09/01 Prof. T. E. Schlesinger The forefront of new paradigm in technology
L02 09/08 Prof. Bruce Krogh ECE undergraduate curriculum
L03 09/15 Prof. Jim Bain Student advising
L04 09/22 Prof. Gary Fedder Ambient intelligent systems
L05 09/29 Prof. Ken Gabriel Akustica
L06 10/06 Dr. Marios Savvides Biometrics
L07 10/13 Prof. Dan Stancil Wireless communication
L08 10/20 Prof. David Lambeth Advanced sensor systems
L09 10/27 Prof. Jim Hoburg Magnetic levitation
L10 11/03 Prof. Phil Koopman Embedded systems
L11 11/10 Prof. Yi Luo Nanotechnology and nano-electronics
L12 11/17 Prof. Illa Nourbakhsh Robotics
L13 12/01 Prof. Shawn Blanton Testing of Integrated Circuit
L14 12/08 Prof. Mike Reiter Cyber Security

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