18200 - The Emerging Trends in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Fall 2004
Fall 2005
Fall 2006

Course Description

This class consists of a series of individual lectures given by different faculty members and distinguished alumni. The lectures are designed to serve the following purposes:

  1. provide students a good understanding of our curriculum structure and the courses in each of our five principle subject areas;
  2. introduce to students the emerging trends in electrical and computer engineering and the relevance of our courses;
  3. present to students our faculty’s research fields;
  4. discuss basic learning and working ethics;
  5. prepare students career-making from faculty members, 2 lectures on learning and working ethics, and 2 lectures from our alumni. Students are required to attend each lecture. An award for the best lecturer, selected by students, will be given at the end skills;
  6. introduce new undergraduate courses and research opportunities.

1 hrs. lec
pass/fail, required to graduate. Sophomore standing required.