Current Projects

In Silico Vox: Speech Recognition in Silicon

silicon chipLab Researchers: Patrick Bourke, Jeffrey Johnston, Edward C. Lin, Kai Yu

Collaborators: Richard M. Stern, CMU; Tsuhan Chen, CMU

Whether running on a single cell phone, a conventional PC, or an enterprise-level server farm – all of today’s state-of-the-art speech recognizers exist as complex software running on conventional computers. This is profoundly limiting for applications in which speed or mobility are essential. We need recognizers which can run significantly faster than realtime, to search large online media streams for keywords. We need desktop-quality recognizers to evolve off our desktops into the small, power-limited appliances we carry in our pockets. To do this, we must move the core of today’s most successful speech recognition strategies directly into silicon. This is the path taken by critical tasks such as graphics, which have seen performance improvements of six orders of magnitude over the last decade. The CMU "In Silico Vox" project is developing a range of custom architectures for speech recognition. A recent example is our working FPGA-based prototype which handles a 1000-word vocabulary, and is, to the best of our knowledge, the most complex recognizer ever rendered completely in hardware.

Key Papers/Talks

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