Lab Members

Yusuf Adibelli
Research Scientist
Project: Logic-in-Memory Architectures and Algorithms




David Bromberg
Research Project: Novel Devices for All-Magnetic Logic and Memory




Vehbi Calayir
Research Project: Associative Memories based on Emerging Technologies




Tom Jackson
Research Project: Low-Power Circuits for Analog Computation




Renzhi Liu
Research Project: Self-Healing Analog/RF Circuits




Research Project: ADCs for RF Transceivers




Fazle Sadi
Research Project: Logic-in-Memory Architectures and Algorithms



Huseyin Ekin Sumbul
Research Project: Regular Array Architectures for Logic and Memory




Kaushik Vaidyanathan
Research Scientist
Research Project: Trusted Integrated Systems




Jinglin Xu
Research Project: Reconfigurable RF Systems