An adequate vision of the future of  microelectronics is a key ingredient of strategic planning for the entire electronics industry. The National Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (NTRS) has been developed to provide such a vision. 

The 1997 edition of the NTRS  is the product of a long, finely tuned “consensus building process,” involving hundreds of experts. The outcome , as it is stressed by the 1997 NTRS document, is a “collection of semiconductor industry needs,” not a list of “solutions”. But the foreword to the 1997 NTRS suggests that the Roadmap should also be seen as a catalyst provoking still more discussion. 

This web site is a response to the above 1997 NTRS invitation. The materials included in this site were compiled with the hope that by presenting additional views on the SIA Roadmap itself and on the possible outcomes of the Roadmap's implementation, this web site will be a useful contribution to the debate answering the question: What could and should be the future of microelectronics ? 

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