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This page is no longer maintained.
However, it has some pointers to archival material that might be of interest to someone, and so is kept as-is to preserve access to the links.

Autonomous Vehicle Safety and Robustness Testing

Low Cost Embedded Network Message Authentication

Student Researcher: Chris Szilagyi

How can you get cryptographically secure multicast authentication on a real time embedded network such as CAN or FlexRay? You only have a few bits to spend for this in each message, as well as limited memory and CPU power. Example result: combining truncated authenticators from multiple message packets provides a useful engineering tradeoff among bandwidth, attack resistance, and control latency.

Embedded Network Gateway Survivability

Student Researcher: Justin Ray

How can you mitigate malicious and non-malicious timing fault propagation across an embedded network gateway? Or, put another way, how can you keep your car's radio from destabilizing you car's suspension system? Example result: using a FIFO queue to mitigate timing clumps from an IT-style network to a control network can be worse than just throwing clumped messages away. Predictive filters look like a good way to go instead.

Invariant-Based Embedded System Safety Monitor

Student Researcher: Aaron Kane.

Can we create a simple, generic safety shutdown building block? Ideally, what we want is a standard component building block to ensure that a subsystem or entire system gets shut down if it exhibits unsafe behavior, without having to model the details of the design. Example result: these ideas have been successfully applied to a prototype autonomous vehicles and a prototype commercial vehicle technology demonstration platform.

Shared Hardware Support for Mixed Task Criticality Levels

Student Researcher: Malcolm Taylor

What does it take to get virtualization right for embedded systems? Hint: there is more to it than memory protection and CPU sheduling. (New start; more information at a later date.)

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