Motivated by the challenge of harnessing actionable information from large-scale and high-dimensional data in sample-starved, resource-constrained, complex and uncertain environments, I am interested in revealing and exploiting low-dimensional data representations and problem structures to improve resource efficiency in terms of statistical, computational, and communication complexities and achieve their optimal trade-offs. My group develops theoretical understandings and provable algorithms for applications broadly spanning imaging science, sensing systems, and AI across scientific and engineering domains.

Here is a video that highlights some of our research.

Here are some links to our collaborative projects across application domains including wireless, materials and more.

Research Support

Due to the interdisciplinary nature, my group has been funded by a diverse range of government and industry sponsors. Our group gratefully acknowledges ongoing and past support from NSF, AFOSR, ONR, NIH, ARO, AFRL, DARPA, FHWA, Center for Surveillance Research, ORAU, Simons Foundation, Google and Microsoft.