Group zoom 2020/09. The new norm of group shots?


Group lunch 2019/05. From left to right: Yuejie, Laixi, Harlin, Tian, Xiaohan, Vince, and Boyue.


Group retreat 2018/10, photographer: Harlin Lee. From left to right: Boyue, Maxime, Harlin, Vince, Yuanxin, Tian, Laixi, and Yuejie.

Current Members

Yuejie Chi
Principal Investigator

Ph.D., Princeton;
B.Eng., Tsinghua

Maxime Ferreira Da Costa
Post-doctoral researcher (Fall 2018-current)

Ph.D., Imperial College London

Harlin Lee
Ph.D. candidate (Fall 2017-current), co-advised with Jelena Kovacevic


Selected Awards:
CMU ECE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 2020
David H. Barakat and LaVerne Owen-Barakat CIT Dean's Fellowship, 2020
February Fourier Talks Best Poster Award, 2019

Vince Monardo
Ph.D. candidate (Fall 2016-current)


Selected Awards:
CMU ECE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 2019
IEEE SPS Student Travel Award, 2019

Tian Tong
Ph.D. Candidate (Fall 2015-current)

B.Eng., EE@Tsinghua

Boyue Li
Ph.D. Candidate (Fall 2018-current)

M.Sc., LTI@CMU; B. Eng., EE@Tsinghua

Laixi Shi
Ph.D. Candidate (Fall 2018-current)

B.Eng., EE@Tsinghua

Selected Awards:
Women in Machine Learning Scholarship, 2019
CMU Presidential Fellowship, 2018

Shicong Cen
Ph.D. student (Fall 2019-current)

B.A., Math@PKU

Diogo Cardoso
Ph.D. student (Fall 2019-current, co-advised with J. Xavier through CMU-Portugal program)


Pedro Valdeira
Ph.D. student (Fall 2020-current, co-advised with J. Xavier and C. Soares through CMU-Portugal program)



Haoyu Fu
Ph.D., 2014 - 2019 (co-advised with Yingbin Liang)
Dissertation: "High-Dimensional Statistical Inference from Coarse and Nonlinear Data: Algorithms and Guarantees"
Current: Facebook

Yuanxin Li
Ph.D., 2013 - 2018
Post-doctoral researcher (Fall 2018)
Dissertation: "Provable Algorithms for Scalable and Robust Low-Rank Matrix Recovery"
Current: Samsung Research

Jiaqing Huang
Ph.D., 2012 - 2016
Dissertation: "Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction for Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy"
Current: Tencent.

Myung Cho
Postdoc, 2017 - 2018
Current: Assistant Professor at Penn State, Behrend.

Liming Wang
Postdoc, 2015 - 2017
Current: Senior Data Scientist at HERE Technologies

In addition, our group has also hosted several wonderful undergraduate, master and visiting students, who are not listed.