Group lunch 2023/10, farewell to Zhize and Pedro, as Zhize is taking a faculty position in Singapore and Pedro is returning to Portugal. From left to right: Jiin, He, Yuejie, Pedro, Zhize, Tong, Xingyu, Timofey, Harry, Sudeep, Lingjing and Shicong.

Current Members

Sudeep Salgia
Postdoctoral Researcher (2023-current)

Shicong Cen
Ph.D. Candidate (2019-current)

Selected Accomplishments:
Rising Stars in Data Science, 2023
JP Morgan AI PhD Fellowship, 2023
Wei Shen and Xuehong Zhang Presidential Fellowship, 2023
Boeing Scholarship, 2023
Nicholas Minnici Dean's Graduate Fellowship, 2022
INFORMS George Nicholson Student Paper Competition Finalist, 2021
Wei Shen and Xuehong Zhang Presidential Fellowship, 2021

Pedro Valdeira
Ph.D. Candidate (2020-current, co-advised with J. Xavier and C. Soares through CMU-Portugal program)

Jiin Woo
Ph.D. Candidate (2021-current, co-advised with Gauri Joshi)

Selected Accomplishments:
Hsu Chang Memorial Fellowship, 2023

Harry Dong
Ph.D. Candidate (2021-current)

Selected Accomplishments:
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Honorable Mention, 2023
Liang Ji-Dian Graduate Fellowship, 2023
Michel and Kathy Doreau Graduate Fellowship, 2023

Lingjing Kong
Ph.D. Student (2021-current, co-advised with Kun Zhang and Eric Xing)

Zixin Wen
Ph.D. Student (2021-current, co-advised with Yuanzhi Li)

He Wang
Ph.D. Student (2022-current)

Selected Accomplishments:
Bob Lee Gregory Fellowship, 2023

Xingyu Xu
Ph.D. Student (2023-current)

Tong Yang
Ph.D. Student (2023-current)

Timofey Efimov
Ph.D. Student (2023-current, co-advised with José Moura)

Former Members

PhD alumni

Laixi Shi
Ph.D. 2023
Dissertation: "Provable Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning: Scalability, Efficiency, and Robustness"
Current: Postdoctoral Fellow at Caltech

Selected Accomplishments:
Rising Stars in Machine Learning, 2023
Rising Stars in Computational & Data Sciences, 2023
Rising Stars in Data Science, 2022
Leo Finzi Memorial Fellowship, 2022
Wei Shen and Xuehong Zhang Presidential Fellowship, 2022
Liang Ji-Dian Graduate Fellowship, 2021

Boyue Li
Ph.D. 2023
Dissertation: "Communication-Efficient Optimization Algorithms for Decentralized Machine Learning"
Current: Machine Learning Engineer at Apple Inc.

Selected Accomplishments:
Wei Shen and Xuehong Zhang Presidential Fellowship, 2022

Vince Monardo
Ph.D. 2022
Dissertation: "Efficient Algorithms for Solving Nonlinear Inverse Problems in Image Reconstruction"
Current: Lecturer of EECS at MIT

Selected Accomplishments:
CMU ECE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 2019
IEEE SPS Student Travel Award, 2019

Tian Tong
Ph.D. 2022
Dissertation: "Scaled Gradient Methods for Ill-conditioned Low-rank Matrix and Tensor Estimation"
Current: Applied Scientist at Amazon

Selected Accomplishments:
IEEE Data Science & Learning Workshop Audience Choice Award, 2021

Harlin Lee
Ph.D. 2021, co-advised with Jelena Kovacevic
Dissertation: "Better Inference with Graph Regularization"
Current: Assistant Professor at UNC, Chapel Hill

Selected Accomplishments:
Rising Stars in Computational & Data Sciences, 2022
Rising Stars in Data Science, 2022
CMU ECE Outstanding Woman in Engineering Award, 2021
CMU ECE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 2020
David H. Barakat and LaVerne Owen-Barakat CIT Dean's Fellowship, 2020

Haoyu Fu
Ph.D. 2019, co-advised with Yingbin Liang
Dissertation: "High-Dimensional Statistical Inference from Coarse and Nonlinear Data: Algorithms and Guarantees"
Current: Research Scientist at Meta

Yuanxin Li
Ph.D. 2018
Dissertation: "Provable Algorithms for Scalable and Robust Low-Rank Matrix Recovery"
Post-doctoral researcher, Fall 2018
Current: Staff Engineer at Samsung

Jiaqing Huang
Ph.D. 2016
Dissertation: "Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction for Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy"
Current: Software Engineer at Google

Postdoc alumni

Zhize Li
Research Scientist (2022-2023)
Current: Assistant Professor at Singapore Management University

Maxime Ferreira Da Costa
Post-doctoral researcher (2018-2020)
Current: Associate Professor at CentraleSupelec

Myung Cho
Post-doctoral researcher (2017-2018)
Current: Assistant Professor at California State University

Liming Wang
Post-doctoral researcher (2015-2017)
Current: Lead Data Scientist at HERE Technologies

In addition, our group has also hosted several wonderful undergraduate, master and visiting students, many of whom have continued to be enrolled in top graduate programs.

Good Oldies

Some photos from previous group gatherings can be found here.