Current PHD Students

  • Guannan He (Coadvised by Jay Whitacre)
    Current Research (Fall 2016 -- ): Coordination and control of storage and renewables.
  • Irfan Khan (CMU-SYSU JIE program. Coadvised by Yinliang Xu)
    Current Research (Fall 2014 -- ): Distributed energy management in power systems.
  • Joao Saude (CMU-Portugal program. Coadvised by Diogo Gomes and João Pedro Gomes)
    Current Research (Fall 2013 -- ): Large scale stochastic interacting systems, mean-field games.
  • Anit Sahu [web]
    Current Research (Fall 2013 -- ): Distributed inference in multi-agent networks.
  • Yaoqing Yang [web] (Coadvised by Pulkit Grover)
    Current Research (Fall 2013 -- ): Noisy computing in networks.
  • Yuan Chen [web] (Coadvised by José Moura)
    Current Research (Fall 2013 -- ): Secure and resilient estimation and control in cyber-physical systems.
  • Brian Swenson [web] (CMU-Portugal program. Coadvised by Joao Xavier)
    Current Research (Fall 2011 -- ): Game-theoretic learning.

PHD Alumni

  • Javad Mohammadi (Currently research scientist at CMU; Graduated Sep. 2016; Coadvised by Gabriela Hug)
    Dissertation: Distributed Computational Methods for Energy Management in Smart Grids.
  • Sergio Pequito [web] (Currently postdoctoral researcher at UPenn; Graduated May 2014; Coadvised by António Pedro Aguiar and Diogo Gomes)
    Dissertation: A Structural Approach to Design, Analysis and Optimization of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems.

Postdoctoral Researchers (Current and Former)

  • Panayiotis Moutis [web] (Spring 2016 -- )
  • Jian Du (Spring 2016 -- ; Cosupervised by Jose' M.F. Moura)
  • David Shaw (Fall 2014 -- Fall 2015; Cosupervised by Aswin Sankaranarayanan)
  • Chenye Wu [web] (Fall 2013 -- Fall 2014; Cosupervised by Gabriela Hug; Currently Assistant Professor at Tsinghua University)

MS and BS Students (Current and Former)

  • Anirudh Sridhar (CMU, ECE BS)
    Research topic (Fall 2016 -- ): Game-theoretic learning in distributed information settings.
  • Hao Ming (CMU, ECE MS)
    Research topic (Spring 2013 -- Fall 2013): Distributed algorithms for power flow control in electric power systems.
  • Nicolas Huynh Thien (CMU, ECE MS)
    Research topic (Spring 2012 -- Spring 2013): Secure sensor fusion for high assurance vehicular systems.
  • Karanhaar Singh (CMU, ECE BS)
    Research topic (Spring 2012): Distributed 3D Localization in Mobile Camera Networks.


  • Tejas Dharamsi (PES Institute, Bangalore, India, Computer Science, BS Student), A Python based framework for peer-to-peer distributed computing, Summer Internship, Jun. 2015 - Aug. 2015.
  • Di Li (TAMU, ECE, PhD Candidate), Summer 2014.
  • Anit Sahu (IIT Kharagpur, India, ECE, BTech Student), Distributed linear prediction in multi-agent inference networks, Summer Internship, Jun. 2012 to Aug. 2012.