Microsystems Engineering for Life
  • UC probe
  • released SOI-CMOS-MEMS
  • SOI-CMOS-MEMS mirror pixel

Integrating Our Experience of Life

I'm interested in microsystems technologies that are uniquely suited to integrating our experience of life. These are microscopic, lightweight, low power consumption devices that can be designed to sense a wide range of phenomena in and around our bodies. The data they collect can be quickly processed electronically to produce information about our external and internal environment. My research interest is the integration of this information with our consciousness and the tools we use for the enhancement of our experience of life.

Detailed Research Interests

  • Implantable micromechanical neural probes
  • Wearable technology for fall prevention
  • Neural correlates of cognition
  • Physiological correlates of cognition
  • Microsystem device physics
  • Micromechanical test structure design
  • Microsystem behavioral modeling
  • Structured design methodologies
  • Microsystem process integration
  • Microsystem fabrication technologies
  • Microfabrication process control
  • Microfabrication equipment control