General area of interest: semiconductor process technology, device physics, and sensors

Research history

1974-1979 Optical processes in MOS capacitors (Ph.D. thesis)
1980-1982 Polysilicon fuses and antifuses
1982-1988 Polysilicon junctions and polysilicon emitter transistors
1982-1988 Thin film transistors for active matrix displays
1988-1990 Thin films of high temperature superconductors
1995-1997 Surface processes during growth of boron nitride
1995-1998 Semiconductor process control
1995-2001 Wide gap semiconductors
1989-2001 Germanium-silicon-carbon alloys: growth and applications
1998-2001 MEMS-based data storage
1999-2001 Quantum dots and application
2000-2005 Biological sensing
2009 Novel ultrasonic motors
2000-present Infrastructure sensing
2009-present Surface acoustic wave devices for sensing