Current PHD Students

  • Anit Sahu [web]
    Current Research: Distributed inference in multi-agent networks.

  • Yaoqing Yang (Coadvised by Pulkit Grover)

  • Yuan Chen (Coadvised by José Moura)

  • Sergio Pequito [web] (CMU-Portugal program. Coadvised by António Pedro Aguiar and Diogo Gomes)
    Thesis topic: A structural approach to large-scale system design, analysis and optimization.

  • Javad Mohammadi [web] (Coadvised by Gabriela Hug)
    Current Research: Role of DFACTS on power system flow control.

  • Brian Swenson (CMU-Portugal program. Coadvised by Joao Xavier)
    Current Research: Distributed learning and optimization in games.

  • MS Students (Current and Former)

  • Hao Ming (Spring 2013 - )
    Research topic: Distributed algorithms for power flow control in electric power systems.

  • Nicolas Huynh Thien (Spring 2012 - Spring 2013)
    Research topic: Secure sensor fusion for high assurance vehicular systems.

  • Visitors

  • Anit Sahu [web] (Student summer intern, June 2012 to Aug 2012)
    Research topic: Distributed linear prediction in multi-agent inference networks.