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18-447 Top Guns

The best of the best each year come back to be 18-447 TAs. In case some of you wonder who the best is, they're on this page (except in the case when “the best” graduated right after taking the course and the PhD students who didn't say no).

They feel the need for speed but only if they can reduce joules-per-op at the same time to stay within the power budget.

  • 2019: Nikolai Lenney, Amolak Nagi, Ford Seidel, Nathan Serafin, Sihao Yu
  • 2018: Daniel Stiffler, Ford Seidel, Akshit Sharma, Sumanth Sridhar
  • 2017: Steven Kool, Amanda Marano, Brandon Perez, Neil Ryan
  • 2016: Pete Ehrett, Xiaofan Li, Brandon Perez, Ashish Shrestha, Zhipeng Zhao
  • 2011: Peter Klemperer, Benson Tsai, Joshua Wise
  • 2010: Peter Klemperer, Stephen Thompson, Benson Tsai
  • 2009: Brad Miller, Kelsey Ho, Ryan Sakauye
  • 2008: Yongjun Jeon, Tze Chang Ng, Eriko Nurvitadhi
  • 2007: Roland Wunderlich, Stephen Somogyi, Aaron Hoy
  • 2006: Eriko Nurvitadhi, Joohoon Lee
  • 2005: Andy Shen, Girish Venkataramani
  • 2004: Jared Smolens, Saurabh Sharma, Karolina Werner