Vikram Gupta

I am quite a photography enthusiast and love to play with my Nikon. I am posting some of my favorite pictures here:

Sunset at a Church in Keywest, FloridaChurch at Sunset

Evening 'colors' in Porto, Portugal

Evening Sky, Porto

I like to call this 'Lonely Sentinel' taken on Fuji Velvia which is known for its amazing dynamic range and color quality

Lonely Sentinel

Siblings at a small hut in Dalhousie, India

Kids, Dalhousie, India

Trying to light a balloon at Sao Joao Festival, Porto

Hands on Ballon

Getting the sails ready to steer back to the Harbor


'Mighty Demons and Little Angels' (Festival of Dassehra, India)


I am also interested in painting, and this link is an artwork I did for college magzine cover. I would like to thank Soumya for writing this amazing description of the cover.