Current Research

At Symantec Research Labs, I built the Worldwide Intelligence Network Environment (WINE), a platform for experimenting with Big Data techniques in cyber security. Playing with new Big Data ideas is challenging for many researchers and engineers, because of the need for specialized computing infrastructures and for large data sets that are representative of real-world problems. WINE loads, samples and aggregates multiple data feeds, originating from millions of hosts around the world, and keeps them up-to-date. This allows researchers to conduct open ended and reproducible experiments, such as measuring the duration of zero-day attacks and evaluating the real-world impact of security technologies.
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Prior Research

I am broadly interested in dependable systems large and small, with an emphasis on data intensive techniques. I worked on improving the dependability of large-scale distributed systems (addressing operator errors during software upgrades), of enterprise systems (addressing the predictability of fault-tolerant middleware), and of embedded systems (addressing soft errors in networks-on-chip).