Compelling Advantage Required (Inertia)
- Change is expensive
  - Tool acquisition & Training
  - Procedures/methodologies & Social disruption
  - Hard to absorb startup transient even for long-term benefit
- Products designed today without advanced CAD support work
  - No cultural experience with the effects of long-term
       exponential complexity growth
  - Feeling that tools can't be as good as hand optimization
  - "Engineers Are Free" -- why spend precious capital money on
       engineering productivity?

  - Inability to trade off simulation for prototyping
       (e.g., unrealistically early first hardware dates)
  - Not enough "dead bodies" at the side of the road to provoke a
       sense of crisis --
     are today's CAD tools even necessary for embedded designs?
Design & Organizational Challenge
  - Find unique capabilities that make it worthwhile adopting CAD
       -- not simply incremental engineering productivity