Osman Yağan


Osman Yağan
Research Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering & CyLab & IDeaS
Software and Societal Systems Department, School of Computer Science (Affiliate Faculty)
Carnegie Mellon University

email: oyagan@ece.cmu.edu
office: HH A302
phone: 412-268-3976
web: http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~oyagan

Open Positions

I am looking for 2 PhD students to start in Fall 2023 to work on projects broadly on network science.

  • 1 student with interests in topics such as propagation of (mis)information and influence in social networks, epidemic spread, population polarization, and robustness & cascading failures in critical infrastructure systems (smart-grid, transportation, etc.). There is strong possibility to be co-advised with Prof. Kathleen Carley from the School of Computer Science.

  • 1 student with general interest in networks and graphs, with applications including secure distributed computing (e.g., in settings like Internet of Things) and payment channel networks (e.g., the Lightning Network).

For both positions, strong mathematical background is required and strong computer programming skills is a big plus. If you are interested, please apply to CMU-ECE PhD program and mention my name in your application. Sending me an e-mail indicating your interest would also be helpful!

Research Interests

  • Network Science

    • Contagion processes (e.g., information/influence propagation, epidemic spread) in multi-layer and multiplex networks

    • Detection and mitigation of spread of misinformation

    • Social network modeling

  • Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things, and Ad-hoc Networks

    • Robustness and optimal design of interdependent cyber-physical systems

    • Applications of random graphs and stochastic geometry

    • Cybersecurity

    • Low-power wireless communications

  • Machine Learning and Data Science

    • Privacy-preserving learning algorithms

    • Active Distribution Estimation and Testing

    • Multi-armed Bandits