A Preliminary Exploration of
Optimized Stack Code Generation

Philip J. Koopman, Jr

Draft copy of paper published in:
Journal of Forth Applications and Research, 1994, 6(3) pp. 241-251


This paper presents an experimental code generator that performs intra-block stack scheduling for a stack-based execution model. For small test programs, 91% to 100% of redundant local variable accesses were eliminated using this compiler. Compiled intra-block stack scheduling and hand-performed global stack scheduling show that significant opportunities exist to keep temporary variable values on the expression evaluation stack when compiling conventional languages.

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Also, see Anton Ertl's publications based on this work at http://www.complang.tuwien.ac.at/projects/forth.html ( the papers listed under Optimization for Stack machines)


Phil Koopman -- koopman@cmu.edu