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Interpret the table entries as follows:

Interpret the Hamming weight data files as follows:

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See Wikipedia for citations and sources of most names.

I'll try to update Wikipedia with citations as they become formalized if nobody beats me to it. I have checked pretty thoroughly, but a lot of work in this area is pretty obscure. If I find out one of them was published before me I will of course be happy to update the attribution.

I welcome correspondence and especially notification of any errors that might have crept into the work. However, I cannot provide free individual advice on CRCs via e-mail. From time to time I'll augment the data, but research funding for this topic is scarce, so it mostly gets done more or less as a hobby.

If you know of a standard polynomial (e.g., one in an ISO, IEC, or IEEE standard) not in the "zoo" above, please let me know and I'll add it as I have time. (Ideally, you should add it to Wikipedia and then let me know it is there so I can do a data run for it.) While I have spent significant effort on getting things right, this data is provided as-is and provide with out any warranty whatsoever, no matter what might occur on an e-mail or other communication exchange. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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