Diana Marculescu

David Edward Schramm Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Openings in the EnyAC Research Group

Starting December 2019, I will move to University of Texas at Austin as Department Chair and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. If you are interested in applying for a Ph.D. or postdoctoral position, please contact me at my UT email address (dianam at utexas dot edu).
Ph.D. and postdoctoral positions are available immediately in the area of hardware efficient machine learning and data intensive applications. Highly motivated students with a strong theoretical background, especially in optimization algorithms, modeling, and computing system design are encouraged to apply. Minimum qualifications include BS in CE/CS/EE/Applied Math or related fields; preferred qualifications include MS in CE/CS/EE/Applied Math or related fields. For qualified applicants holding a Ph.D., a postdoctoral appointment is possible. For additional details/questions, please contact Prof. Diana Marculescu.

Info for Prospective Students

If you have a strong and genuine interest in the research topics pursued in the EnyAC research group, you are welcome to contact me for possible openings in my group. However, since I receive hundreds of emails from prospective students, I usually do not respond to inquiries that are generic, sent to a "blind" distribution list, or outside of the area of my research group (especially when sent with a "Dear Sir" cover letter - for obvious reasons!). I encourage you to check the research done in my group and only if you truly find it interesting and suitable to your background, capabilities, and goals, I encourage you to contact me.