My research vision is to develop systems that automatically check the world's software for exploitable bugs. The two most important words to me are shown in red. My approach is based on using program analysis with security-specific properties, which I call software security.

I am a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, with an additional courtesy in the Computer Science Department, previously the Director of CyLab, and the CEO of ForAllSecure


I am fortunate to have advised several great PhD students:

and former postdocs:
  1. Maverick Woo (now CyLab Systems Scientist)
  2. JongHyup Lee (Assistant Professor KNUP)
  3. Manuel Egele (now an Assistant Professor at Boston University)

I am also the faculty advisor to the Plaid Parliament of Pwning, a competition Capture the Flag team. They are internationally ranked as a top competitive hacking team.


I teach Introduction to Computer Security (18-487), Software Security (18-732), and Malware, Defense, and Vulnerability Analysis (18-739c).

I also run PicoCTF, an annual computer security contest for high school students.


CIC 2107
5000 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Tel: (412) 268-3851

Email: Find my email by looking at this paper.