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Prof. Sinopoli
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Lucas Balthazar (co-advised with J. Xavier), "Distributed Optimization."
Mihovil Bartulovic, "Dynamic Adaptive Video Streaming over HTTP."
John (Adam) Costanzo, "Structure Identification in Networks of Dynamical Systems."
Carmel Fiscko
Paul Griffioen
Xiaofei Liu
, "Robust Structural Observability of Dynamical Networks."
Matthew McCormack
John Miller
Niranjini Rajagopal (co-advised with A. Rowe), "Indoor Localization."
Sean Weerakkody, "Cyber-Physical Security."

(No current Master's students; incoming Fall 2016)



Dr. Dragana Bajovic
, "Event Detection in Large Scale Sensor Networks" (co-advised with J. Xavier). Dragana received the A.G. Milnes Award, awarded to a graduating ECE PhD student for the PhD thesis work judged to be of the highest quality and which has had or is likely to have significant impact in her field.
Present Position: Assistant Professor, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia.
Dr. Rohan Chabukswar, "Secure Detection in Cyberphysical Control Systems."
Present Position: Senior Research Scientist, United Technologies Research Center, Cork, Ireland.
Dr. Yilin Mo, "Secure and Dependable Control Systems."
Present Position: Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Dr. Luca Parolini, "Models, Metrics, and Control Strategies for Data Centers" (co-advised with B. Krogh).
Present Position: Researcher at GE Global Research Europe, Munich, Germany.
Dr. Jonathan Taylor, "Control for Fluid Networks" (co-advised with W. Messner).
Present Position: Perception Lead, Bossa Nova Robotics, Pittsburgh, PA.
Dr. James Weimer
, "Large-Scale Multi-Source Detection Using Wireless Sensor Networks" (co-advised with B. Krogh).
Present Position: Research Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.
Dr. Xiaoqi Yin, "Resource Allocation in Smart Infrastructure: Case Studies in Video Delivery and Electric Power Networks."
Dr. Sabinz Zejnilovic, "Localizing a Diffusion Source on Graphs: Analysis and Design of Node Selection Strategies."


Mohammadreza Aghajani, "Dynamic Power Allocation in Server Farms."
Sindhura Chayapathy, "Design of an Indoor Localization System" (co-advised with A. Rowe).
Vinay Gunasekaran, "Modeling of Smart Valve Networks" (co-advised with W. Messner).
Tejal Kudav, "Sensory Supplementation via Echolocation" (co-advised with P. Grover, L. Heller).
David Pearson, "Synchrophasor GPS Security."
Aakash Shah, "Enhancing the Integrity of SCADA and Control System Devices." (co-advised with A. Perrig).
Xiaorui Wang, "Climbing Robots Development and Coordination."

           CURRENT POSTDOCS Giovanni Burresi
Omur Ozel
           FORMER POSTDOCS Dr. Roberto Ambrosino, Associate Professor, Centro Direzionale di Napoli
Dr. Emanuela Garone, Associate Professor, L'Université libre de Bruxelles
Dr. Walter Lucia, Concordia University
           FORMER VISITORS Carlo Cosentino
Nicola Forti
Marco Nicotra