A Control Theoretic Approach for Bitrate Adaptation over HTTP

User-perceived quality-of-experience (QoE) is critical in Internet video applications as it impacts revenues for content providers and delivery systems. Given that there is little support in the network for optimizing such measures, bottlenecks could occur anywhere in the delivery system. Consequently, a robust bitrate adaptation algorithm in client-side players is critical to ensure good user experience. Previous studies have shown key limitations of state-of-art commercial solutions and proposed a range of heuristic fixes.
Despite the emergence of several proposals, there is still a distinct lack of consensus on:
  • How best to design this client-side bitrate adaptation logic (e.g., use rate estimates vs. buffer occupancy);
  • How well specific classes of ap- proaches will perform under diverse operating regimes (e.g., high throughput variability); and
  • How do they actually balance different QoE objectives (e.g., startup delay vs. buffering).
    Our work bring some rigor to this space via a principled control-theoretic model to reason about a broad spectrum of strategies. We have developed a novel control-theoretic approach using the idea of model predictive control to optimally combine throughput and buffer occupancy information. This approach far outperforms traditional approaches. We have an open source implementation in the dash.js framework

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