Some of today's most damaging attacks on computer systems involve exploitation of network infrastructure, either as the target of attack or as a vehicle to advance attacks on end systems. This course provides an in-depth study of network attack techniques and methods to defend against them. The course will cover topics spanning five broad themes: (1) infrastructure topics such as firewalls, network intrusion detection, secure routing protocols, and recent advances such as software-defined networking; (2) network attacks such as denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, worm and virus propagation; (3) analysis and inference topics such as network forensics and attack economics; (4) user related topics such as authentication, anonymity and censorship resilience; and (5) new technologies related to next-generation networks, and cellular and wireless networks.

The class is open to graduate students (and undergrads who have taken 18487 or 18330) with a strong background in networking, security, and systems. Students are expected to have the following pre-requisites: 14-741 or 18-631 or 18-730 or 18487 or 18330. If you do not meet the pre-reqs, schedule a meeting with Vyas as soon as possible.

When: MW 12:50PM-02:40PM ET (PIT), 09:50AM-11:40AM PT (CMU-SV), 07:50PM-09:40PM CAT (CMU-Africa)
Where: WEH 4623 (PIT), B23 211 (SV), CMR C520 (KGL)