Hi! I am a third year PhD student at CMU co-advised by Professor Brandon Lucia (brandonlucia.com) and Professor Radu Marculescu (homepage)

I am a member of the ABSTRACT research group (http://abstract.ece.cmu.edu/)

My research interests are in parallel computer achitectures, specialization for graph processing, and approximate computing

I am exploring techniques to improve the efficiency of graph processing workloads on modern multi-core processors. Graph processing is an important domain that is hard to optimize because of the irregular memory access pattern and the scale of graph inputs. My research focus is to provide better performance by improving cache locality of graph processing workloads. A fundamental tenet of the research is to exploit the structural properties of input graphs to propose input-specific locality optimization techniques.

I have also worked in the field of approximate computing that leverages error-resilience and redundancy in many application domains to tradeoff correctness for better performance and/or energy-efficiency. The key challenge in this domain is to identify safe-to-approximate parts of applications so as to ensure that the approximate computation improves efficiency while producing useful results.