Our group conducts research on various aspects of integrated circuit design with application in a wide range of disciplines including RF/mm-wave communication and ranging, data converters, bioelectronics, MEMS interfaces and reconfigurable electronics.



A 21-to-54.5GHz Transformer-Coupled VCO in 45nm CMOS

 Supply-Voltage Scalable 45-66 GHz CMOS Phased-Array Receiver

A Phase-Change Via-Reconfigurable Voltage-Controlled LC Oscillator (Left: CMOS chip, Middle:PC chip, Right: Bonded chip)
Phase-change Reconfigurable Indutor in Silicon

0.6 V 17-29 GHz transformer-neutralized UWB Receiver 23 - 48 GHz Combined Frequency Doubler/Tripler
 Cartesian Combining Multi-Antenna Receiver
High-speed, low-OSR Sigma-Delta ADC for WLAN