Dear Prospective Student,

Presumably you're reading this because you would like to be a graduate student, possibly at Carnegie Mellon University, and possibly working with me. This web page is an attempt to give you more information while managing my e-mail load so I can spend more time on my current students, teaching, and various obligations. Unfortunately, I am far too overloaded to respond to individual queries regarding admission.

As of 2018 I am no longer admitting new Ph.D. students. I am leaving the following information available below in the hopes that it will help other students with more general information.

None of this is official policy of anyone, and much of it varies from professor to professor and from school to school. The below are in Q&A format in the tradition of FAQs:

Unfortunately, my e-mail load is just too heavy to be able to respond to queries from students. I take great pains to go through the admission packages submitted. If you indicate that you want to do "embedded" or "dependable" computing in your application, I'll see your application. Similarly, you might want to mention the names of various professors you'd like to work with in your application essay (that is a very effective technique to make sure the right professor actually sees your application).

With best regards,
Phil Koopman
Associate Professor
Carnegie Mellon University ECE Department & Institute for Software Research International