ERIS: Embedded and Reliable Information Systems Laboratory

Technologies and tools for dependable software, reliable embedded systems, distributed real-time computing, and new paradigms for ubiquitous information security, storage and delivery.

On-line brochure with project summaries (.pdf)

Embedded and Reliable Information Systems (ERIS): In the Embedded and Reliable Information Systems Laboratory, our vision is to develop systems and tools that fundamentally improve the effectiveness of embedded computing and networking technologies. To accomplish this requires an extremely broad view of systems, and an appreciation for the complete life cycle of products and processes. Connections among industrial sponsors, class projects, and university researchers are emphasized in order to bring together real-world issues and cutting edge solutions.

Within ERIS, the Wearable Computer project has constructed tailored system-level solutions to more than a dozen varied industry problems such as inventory control, mobile technical support, on-line maintenance manuals and real-time natural language translation. In the area of system reliability, the Ballista and Invictus projects provide ways to detect, isolate, and guard against robustness problems with computer systems. The Amaranth, Borg, and Embedded Network projects encompass improving embedded network dependability, data survivability, and providing a generalized framework for assuring performance even when a system is overloaded or has experienced component failures. A new capstone embedded system design course will be offered in the ECE department to bring together the ERIS concepts and real-world examples.

The ERIS Laboratory is considering systems within a multi-objective, multi-discipline, lifecycle framework: