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1995 Design Automation Conference Tutorial: Embedded Systems Industrial Practice

Philip J. Koopman, Jr.

Revised May 22, 1995

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  • Title page
  • Agenda
  • CAD Tools in Industrial Practice
  • Revisit Embedded Systems Characteristics
  • Issues of Guaranteed Real Time Performance
  • General Purpose HW; Embedded Problems
  • Example of Timing Variability
  • Future CAD Tools and Timing Information
  • Issues of Small Size, Low Weight
  • CAD Optimization for Size and Weight
  • Issues of Low Power, Limited Cooling
  • Issues of Safety and Reliability
  • Techniques to Deal with Safety and Reliability
  • Issues of I/O Intensive Design
  • Issues of Cost Sensitivity
  • Issues of Price and Performance
  • Tools Must Not Preclude Vital Optimizations
  • What Practitioners Care About Today
  • The Researchers' Point of View -- 1
  • The Researchers' Point of View -- 2
  • Time to Market Pressure Is Increasing
  • General Industry Trend: More with Less
  • A `Bigger Picture' View of CAD in Practice
  • A View of Enterprise-Wide CAD Tools
  • CAD Tool Growth: Horizontal + Vertical
  • Practical Barriers to Embedded CAD Growth
  • CAD Tools as a Vehicle for Cultural Change
  • Ultimately, the People Matter Most
  • Summary