Ballista OS Robustness Test Suite - Dependencies

    In order to run the Ballista OS Robustness Test Suite you need to meet the following system requirements 

  • A POSIX compliant OS. NT is only POSIX compliant with the addition POSIX libraries that ship separate from the OS, and is not currently directly supported. We currently directly support Digital Unix, Solaris, and Redhat Linux. Other OS variations may require some small porting effort.

  • Perl 5 

  • csh - C shell command interpreter

  • g++ version 2.8.1 or later  

  • cxx for Digital Unix users only

  • gunzip unix compression utility version 1.2.4 or later

  • tar unix archiving utility version 1.13 or later

  • GNU Make version 3.71.1 or later

  • lex or flex (if flex then lex needs to be symbolically linked to flex) - Flex 2.5.4 or later

  • Approximately 200 MB free disk space