Ballista OS Robustness Test Suite - Compile Option Problems

Make(ing) ballista is a complex process. In order to facillitate running ballista on multiple platforms the compile options have been consolidated in a single file called configHints.txt

If your system is one of the targeted systems (Solaris, Digitial Unix or Linux) then configHints has platform specific sections that will be used to create platform specific makefiles. Otherwise, on non-targeted systems the default sections will be used. Please note that configHints.txt is split into target and host sections. Therefore, you may need to change compile options in both sections. The configHints.txt file is heavily commented so that you should be able to modify it if necessary. The generated makefiles are called MakefileHost and MakefileTarget. Looking at MakefileHost and MakefileTarget can be helpful but any changes you make will be lost the next time Ballista or the Ballista OS Robustness Test Suite is executed.