Hyunggic !

The tao of my life !

I think a life problem is a highly non-linear, multi-dimensional optimization problem. It seems it's not even a convex optimization problem, which makes our life more dynamic and interesting! At least for me, I believe the tao of my life is the relationship between a father (mother) and a son (daughter). I learned 'loving other people' from my parents and feel it can be inherited to my sons and daughters. So, "family" is the most powerful motivation for my life. In the relationship with my lovely wife, Minjo, I've been learning so many (hidden) aspects of my life and this kind of learning process seems continuing to the end. Furthermore, my sons, Woojin and Brian Woosung, give us(me and my wife) a whole new chapter of the book titled 'life'. It's a tricky and very complicated problem we've never seen before. But, we believe that it is a really fantasic opportunity for us to learn deep aspects of our life. We absolutely appreciate our sons' birth to this world. Well, shall we have three more ? Haha!

My Study Room

Absolutely, learning something new is one of the biggest sources for happiness of my life. Although I studied quite many topics through my struggling for a PhD title at CMU, the forgetting rate of my brain always has been amazing ! Thus, I became a huge fan for high quality open source online video lectures freely available in the Internet. I think I will be watching these fantastic video lectures whenever I feel empty from my inside. Anyway, here are my favorite lectures. Great lectures from the great teachers !

1) MIT OCW Linear Algebra (by Prof. Gilbert Strang)
2) MIT OCW Mathematical Methods for Engineers II (by Prof. Gilbert Strang)
3) HMC Real Analysis I (by Prof. Francis Su)
4) Stanford Linear Dynamical Systems (by Prof. Stephen Boyd)
5) Stanford Convex Optimization I (by Prof. Stephen Boyd)
6) Stanford Convex Optimization II (by Prof. Stephen Boyd)
7) Stanford Machine Learning (by Prof. Andrew Ng)
8) Stanford Programming Abstractions (by Prof. Julie Zelenski)
9) Coursera Stanford Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1 (by Prof. Tim Roughgarden)
10) Coursera Stanford Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 2 (by Prof. Tim Roughgarden)

Courses I took at CMU

16-722 Sensing and Sensors (Mel Siegel, Spring 2013)
10-708 Probabilistic Graphical Models (Eric Xing, Spring 2012)
18-752 Estimation, Detection, and Identification (Rohit Negi, Spring 2011)
18-771 Linear Systems (Bruno Sinopoli, Fall 2010)
18-751 Applied Stochastic Processes (Ozan Tongus, Fall 2010)
24-779 Bio-Inspired Robots (Metin Sitti, Fall 2009)
16-831 Statistical Techniques in Robotics (Drew Bagnell, Fall 2009)
16-701 Machine Learning (Carlos Guestrin, Fall 2009)
16-741 Mechanics of Manipulation (Matt Mason, Spring 2009)
16-811 Math Fundamentals for Robotics (Michael Erdmann, Fall 2008)
16-720 Computer Vision (Martial Hebert, Fall 2008)

Courses I TAed at CMU

18-660 Numerical Methods for Engineering Design and Optimization (Xin Li, Fall 2013)
18-798 Image, Video, and Multimedia (Yang Cai, Fall 2011)

My Best Friends at CMU

Young-Woo Seo
Myung Hwangbo
Seungil Huh
Yongjune Kim
Hyun Soo Park
Sungwook Yang
Junsung Kim
Seungmoon Song

My Photo Album

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