Hyunggic !

Hi~ Welcome to my homepage !

I'm Hyunggi Cho! A cool guy with passion !^^
I'm a fourth year PhD student in ECE at Carnegie Mellon University. Before this, I completed my second Master degree in Robotics at Robotics Institute in December 2009 and my first Master degree in EE at Yonsei University in Korea.

Now, I'm working with Prof. Vijayakumar and Prof. Rajkumar. Under their supervision, I am studying on a holistic approach to moving object detection and tracking for autonomous driving in urban environments.

Our research platform was the robot 'Boss' which was the winning entry in DARPA Urban Challenge in 2007. I've learned so many amazing stuffs from him such as software infrastructure, sensor drivers, and various perception algorithms. Thanks a lot, Boss and the Tartan Racing Team ! Since 2010, I've been actively participating in developing a 2nd generation of CMU's Boss, Autonomous Cadillac SRX4. She has several innovative features compared to Boss, which were briefly introduced in the following media exposures.

[1] WTAE news (video).
[2] Media Coverages of the September 04, 2013 event.

IEEE Spectrum, "CMU's Autonomous Car Doesn't Look like a Robot", Sep. 09, 2013.
KDKA (CBS affiliate), "Pa. Congressman, Transportation Director Test Driverless CMU Car", Sep. 4, 2013.
WTAE (ABC affiliate), "Rep. Bill Shuster travels to Pittsburgh International Airport in driverless car", Sept 4.
SBS, South Korea, "Approaching the Age of Unmanned Vehicles", Sep. 9, 2013.

[3] CNBC documentary (Promotion video for 'Rise of the Machines: Future of Smart Cars').

I'm maintaining its vision-based object detection system for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles. I'm also contributing to a multi-sensor fusion system for moving object detection and tracking. More media coverages will be coming soon, so, stay tuned !

After undergrad, I worked four years in the industrial field (for my military service), where I worked as a system software programmer for an elevator control system for two years and as a Linux kernel programmer for consumer electronics for two years. Especially in the second company, I was involved in a software team who made a very famous broadband router called 'Anygate' in Korea. In that project, my role was very system oriented work such as a bootloader, device drivers, and embedded Linux kernel porting to the ARM architecture.