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MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS)

Name: David F. Guillou

Dave's research focuses on the design of low-noise and low-power analog circuits for a data storage system that uses micromachines. By moving away from the rotating disk paradigm currently employed in hard-disk drives, we hope to vastly improve some key performances of data storage systems. Specifically, we are attempting to integrate a large array of micro-actuated heads along with its control read/write channel electronics on a single silicon die. The main goals for the system are :

  • write-once read-many system
  • 10G bytes of data stored in 10x10x2 mm^3
  • access time of 1ms
  • read data rate of 10M bytes/sec
  • power consumption of 1W

Here are the main circuits Dave is working on :

  • variable-capacitance readout amplifier with 10^-20F/root(Hz) noise floor in a 10KHz bandwidth, with sub-mW power budget
  • transimpedance amplifier with 30fA/roor(Hz) noise floor with ~1MHz bandwidth and sub-mW power budget
  • miscellaneous servo circuits
  • high-voltage (>30V) drivers for a bunch of actuators, on an IC process rated for 3.3V and 5.0V circuits
  • the front-end of a "read channel" for the data storage system

Did I mention the sub-mW power budget ? :-)

In addition, part of Dave's research consists in dealing with system-level tradeoffs for a proof-of-concept data storage system, and actually trying to integrate such a device. Then, he might graduate.

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