Aymeric Fromherz

photo.jpg Hi! I'm a PhD student in Cylab at Carnegie Mellon University. I'm coadvised by Bryan Parno and Corina Pasareanu.

My research focuses on how to design and build secure systems, using automated techniques such as symbolic execution and abstract interpretation, as well as formal methods. I'm currently a member of the Everest Project.

Before joining CMU, I received my Bachelor's and Master's degree from the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, France.


My email address is lastname [at] cmu dot edu

You can also find me at my desk:
2128C, Collaborative Innovation Center 4720 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

You can find my CV here.



On my free time, I enjoy dancing and playing the piano for Scottish Country dancers. In the past, I wrote several dances and tunes for the Paris Branch.