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Cell Migration

Lamellipodia, Lamella, and Cell Shape

Flux of Actin Subunits at the Leading Edge of Fibroblasts (1985)
Responses of the Actin Cytoskeleton to PKC Activation (1986)
Highly Dynamic Invadopodia in Transformed Cells (1987)
Assembly and Flux of Myosin II in the Lamella of Fibroblasts (1989)
Effects of Profilin and Profilin-Actin Complexes on Lamellipodia (1992)
Non-Filamentous Actin Aggregates (1993)
Function of Myosin IIB in Maintaining Cell Shape and Polarity (2004)
Top-Down Mathematical Modeling of Cell Shape and Migration (2008)
Dissecting Regional Functions in Cell Migration with Microfluidic Local Drug Delivery (2012)

Mechanical Interactions

Guidance of Cell Migration by Mechanical Interactions (2000)
Traction Forces of Normal and Ras-Transformed Cells (2001)
Distinct Roles of Frontal and Rear Adhesions in Traction Force Generation (2001)
Relationship between Traction Forces and Focal Adhesions (2001)
Responses of Cell Shape and Migration to Dorsal Integrin Anchorage (2004)
Regulation of Traction Forces by Stretch-Activated Channels (2004)
Regulation of Artificial Tissue Formation by Substrate Rigidity (2006)
Responses of Cell Shape and Migration to Pillar Topography (2006)
Contraction-Dependent Constraint of Cell Shape on Ring-Shaped Substrates (2006)
Mechanosensitive Protein Fluxes at Focal Adhesions (2007)
Probing Intracellular Forces with Soft Polymers (2008)
Probing Local Responses to Substrate Rigidity Using a Photolabile Hydrogel (2008)
Substrate Dimensionality as a Guidance Cue for Cell Migration (2013)