History of WinECE

Women in ECE started as an informal group of graduate women who organized career-oriented, as well as social, activities for all women students in ECE. An elected student officer board now meets regularly to discuss organizational initiatives, plan annual events and guide committees that plan and implement specific WinECE activities. Participation on committees is voluntary and dynamic. New ideas are always welcome.

The officers and the members of the planning committees encourage each other to take responsibility for decision-making and to develop as leaders. In addition to increasing the bonds of community among current students, an ongoing goal is to develop WinECE alumni support groups in strategic cities or regions and to create links with professional organizations for women engineers.

The ECE Department has always been actively involved in supporting WinECE. Student officers enjoy a collaborative relationship with their staff advisor, Dave Fortna, who is the ECE Director of Alumni & Student Relations. Women faculty in ECE volunteer their time as speakers at the fall welcome dinner and in other mentoring roles.