I am lucky to work with a talented and motivated group of students!
They are the real driving force behind all the awesomeness you see on the publications page

Current Ph.D Students

Aqsa Kashaf (co-advised with Yuvraj Agarwal)
Daehyeok Kim (co-advised with Srini Seshan)
Sekar Kulandaivel
Zinan Lin (co-advised with Giulia Fanti)
Antonis Manousis
Matthew Mccormack
Soo Jin Moon
Hun Namkung (co-advised with Peter Steenkiste_
Joe Severini
Rahul Sharma (co-advised with Anthony Rowe)
Yucheng Yin
Tianlong Yu (co-advised with Srini Seshan)

Current MS students and undergrads


Alan (Zaoxing) Liu with Minlan Yu
Guyue (Grace) Liu


Athula Balachandran, (co-advised with Srini Seshan), Google
Zafar Ayyub Qazi, (co-advised with Samir Das), Faculty at LUMS
Seyed Kaveh Fayazbakhsh , ECE, Microsoft
Junchen Jiang, CSD (co-advised with Hui Zhang), Faculty at University of Chicago
Yifei Yuan with Limin Jia, Intentionet
Jeffrey Helt (CS MS), PhD student at Princeton
Luis Chiang (MS CS Stonybrook)
Yoshiaki Tobioka (MS INI CMU)
Rahul Muthooo (INI CMU)
Tushar Sharma (ECE CMU)
Roy Ragsdale (MS ECE)
Carolina Zarate (INI MS, Outstanding TA Award Winner), DoD
Sanjay Chandrasekaran (CS MS), Phd Student at UCSB
Mingran Yang (INI MS, Outstanding Research Award Winner), Phd Student at MIT


I have worked/also work closely with:
Victor Heorhiadi (UNC, advised by Mike Reiter)
Min Suk Kang (CMU, Advised by Virgil Gligor)
Xiaoqi Yin (CMU, Advised by Bruno Sinopoli)