Practical Foundations for Software-Defined Network Optimization

Project Overview

Software-­defined networking (SDN) is an emerging paradigm to simplify network management by moving policies embedded in the configurations of the network hardware to software running in centralized controllers. Realizing the potential benefits of SDN, however, currently requires significant theoretical and practical effort. Specifically, at the core of many SDN applications are complex optimization problems to tackle goals and requirements that arise in practice. These problems are ones for which good theoretical solutions are unknown.The goal of this project is to design and implement a novel framework that enables SDN application developers to express new application goals and constraints in a high-­level language, using a sound algorithmic approach to generate near­-optimal solutions, and then to generate compliant configurations that can be deployed to SDN control platforms directly. There are two requirements for this vision to be successful in practice: (i) the ability to express the requirements of a broad spectrum of applications and (ii)­­ generating provably optimal (or close ­to ­optimal) configurations, on a timescale that is responsive to application needs. The proposed research will investigate theoretical foundations and practical implementations to simultaneously achieve both goals.


  • PIs: Anupam Gupta, Michael Reiter, Vyas Sekar
  • Students: Sanjay Chandrasekaran, Guru Guruganesh, Victor Heorhiadi, Sheng Liu, Sahil Singla
  • Papers

  • [NSDI] Simplifying Software-Defined Network Optimization Applications Using SOL
    Victor Heorhiadi, Michael K Reiter, Vyas Sekar
    in NSDI 2016
  • [ICALP] Approximation algorithms for aversion kk-clustering via local {kk}-median
    Anupam Gupta, Guru Guruganesh and Melanie Schmidt
    in ICALP, 2016
  • [SODA] Algorithms and Adaptivity Gaps for Stochastic Probing
    Anupam Gupta, Viswanath Nagarajan and Sahil Singla
    in SODA, 2016
  • [ICDCS] Gremlin: A Software-defined Framework for Testing the Resiliency of Microservices
    Victor Heorhiadi, Shriram Rajagopalan, Hani Jamjoom, Michael K. Reiter, Vyas Sekar
    in IEEE ICDCS 2016


    Source code for SOL


    Workshop on Algorithms in the field for SDN


    This work is supported by NSF Awards 1536002 (CMU) and 1535917 (UNC)