This page is a medley of various things I couldn't categorize under research or my major hobbies. It is a mix of links to some articles I wrote, code projects and books I read.


Some articles I wrote for my classwork as well as minor projects

Robust estimators

A brief explanation of various robust estimators


Code projects

Code projects apart from my research area

1) OptSys: A first order optical systems simulator

Most of the times, all we need is a system which repeatedly solves lens makers equation for a set of lenses, mirrors and diffraction grating, just to get a first order estimate of where the image plane or the aperture plane lie. Unfortunately, most raytracing packages need a steep learning curve and do much more than required.

This python package very quickly lets you analyze your optical setup by raytracing with linear elements such as lenses, mirrors, gratings, and DMDs.

2) Fast Walsh-Hadamard transform in python

C implementation of Hadamard transform for Python.

3) Image registration in python

Uses SIFT feature descriptors and RANSAC to register two images differing by a homography transform.

4) Canny edge detector in python

Implementation of the Canny edge detector in python


I wrote a text-file based SPICE simulator back in undergrad. It works fairly well with all linear elements.


Some of the books I read as well as their reviews can be viewed at my goodreads page. Here are some of my all time favorites in no particular order: