Art and craft

While I do sketch and paint, my interests are mostly in 3D modeling. Craft work including card modeling, clay craft, carving on chalk and metal models really excites me. Apart from that, I do 3D modeling in 3DS-Max, but haven't been doing much of that lately.

This page contains a slide show of some of my better works. I have separated them into various categories for ease of browsing. I will be happy to help you get started on any of these art forms.

Chalk carving

I use a clay carving tool, an empty pen and a brush for carving on chalk. Best results are obtained with non-dust chalks, as they are denser.

Paper and metal modeling

Paper models are made by printing the model blue print on cardstock and then cutting and folding them. I use a penknife to cut as well as create creases. A tweezer will be quite handy when folding and holding small parts.

The metal models are available for purchase from "Metal earth" company. A pair of tweezers and pliers will be quite handy for folding the metal pieces.

3D modeling

In the past, I have modeled in 3DS-Max from Autodesk. I mostly do poly modeling and haven't explored much of material either.

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