Eclipse plug-in for reducing Android permissions

here is the PoC Eclipse plug-in to help programmers use least-privilege when specifying Android's application-level permissions. This was done as part of the work presented at W2SP11.

Stop, CollabREate and listen!

Developed with Chris, this OSS helps IDA Pro users collaborate, real-time when reverse engineering software. This software is available over at (a book you should probably purchase if you read this far into this paragraph and haven't bought it already). This work was presented at Blackhat 08 and DEFCON 16. If you have patches, please make them publicly available, or submit them anonymously for inclusion.


LiveView is an open source digital forensics tool that facilitates examiners to “boot” collected evidence as a virtual machine. This software has many uses from allowing advanced investigators quick access to the system to enabling non-technical users interact with evidence that would otherwise be unapproachable.


MemCorp provides a common dataset for use with education and research in the area of memory analysis. The dataset consists of 87 memory images ranging from Windows 95 to Windows 7. These images are no longer available via hosting. . For common datasets in memory (and other collections), you might wish to see


AftrLife is just a quick set of tools created to support memory collection research. The set includes memfill, which fills memory with a known pattern (also has a bootable CD form factor), aftrlife, which actually collects memory using a very small footprint, and memxtract/memcompare for comparing collected images. The purpose of this research was to investigate how memory state persists across machine reboots.

More Coming Soon!

Please be patient as I find time to package other software I may have promised you. If you think there is something that should be here, but isn't, please contact me to light a fire.