Rajat Kateja

PhD student
Parallel Data Lab
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

Email: rkateja@cmu.edu

Office: 2220E, Collaborative Innovation Center (CIC)

I am a fourth year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), advised by Greg Ganger. I am broadly interested in systems with particular interest in non-volatile memory storage systems. I received my Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree in Mathematics and Computing from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT Guwahati) in 2014.


Vilamb: Low Overhead Asynchronous Redundancy for Direct Access NVM [pdf]
Rajat Kateja, Andy Pavlo, Greg Ganger
Under review at Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST) 2020
Supersedes CMU-PDL-19-101

Tvarak: Software-Managed Hardware Offload for DAX NVM Storage Redundancy [pdf]
Rajat Kateja, Nathan Beckmann, Greg Ganger
Carnegie Mellon University Technical Report CMU-PDL-19-105, 2019

Conference Publications

Viyojit: Decoupling Battery and DRAM Capacities for Battery-Backed DRAM [pdf]
Rajat Kateja, Anirudh Badam, Sriram Govindan, Bikash Sharma, Greg Ganger
International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA) 2017
Also presented at: Non-Volatile Memories Workshop (NVMW) 2018

DiversiFi: Robust Multi-Link Interactice Streaming [pdf]
Rajat Kateja, Nimantha Baranasuriya, Vishnu Navda, Venkat Padmanabhan
Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT) 2015

Vizclick: Visualizing Clickstream Data [pdf]
Rajat Kateja, Amerineni Rohith, Piyush Kumar, Ritwik Sinha
International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications (IVAPP) 2014

Flowpipe Approximation and Clustering in Space Time [pdf]
Goran Frehse, Rajat Kateja, Colas Le Guernic
Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (HSCC) 2013

Tech Reports

Lazy Redundancy for NVM Storage: Handing the Performance-Reliability Tradeoff to Applications [pdf]
Rajat Kateja, Andy Pavlo, Greg Ganger
Carnegie Mellon University Technical Report CMU-PDL-19-101, 2019

Representation of Piecewise Linear Interval Functions [pdf]
Rajat Kateja and Goran Frehse
Verimag Technical Report TR-2012-16, 2012

Patent Applications

Battery-Based Data Persistence Management in Computing Systems
Bryan Kelly, Bikash Sharma, Anirudh Badam, Sriram Govindan, Rajat Kateja
United States Patent Application 15/406933, 2017

Summarization and Communication of Traffic Patterns on Large Websites
Ritwik Sinha, Piyush Kumar, Amerineni Rohith, Rajat Kateja
United States Patent Application 14/162702, 2014


MSR Redmond Outstanding Project Award, awarded to Viyojit's parent project, Navamem), 2017
Best Graduate Poster, Industry-Academia Partnership CMU Cloud Workshop, 2016
Dean's Tuition Fellowship, CMU, 2015
Institute Silver Medal, IIT Guwahati, 2014
Institute Merit Scholarship, IIT Guwahati, 2012, 2013
Student Travel Grants, NVMW 2018, CoNEXT 2015
Merit Certificate in Mathematics, Central Board of Secondary Education India, 2008

Work Experience

Google, Sunnyvale, Software Engineering Intern, Platforms Group, Summer 2017
Microsoft Research Redmond, Research Intern, Systems Research Group, Summer 2016
Microsoft Research India, Research Fellow, Mobility Networks and Systems Group, 2014-2015
Adobe Research India, Research Intern, Big Data Experience Lab, Summer 2013
Verimag Lab, France, Intern, Timed and Hybrid Systems Group, Summer 2012

Teaching Experience

Storage Systems, CMU 15746/18746, Teaching Assistant, Fall 2017 and 2019
Storage Systems, CMU 15746/18746, Guest Lecturer on NVM File Systems, Fall 2017, 2018, and 2019
Advanced Cloud Computing, CMU 15719, Deep Dive on Storage QoS and Erasure Coded Storage, Spring 2017

Non-Academic Interests

In my leisure time, I read listen to books, blog every once in a while, lift weights (only to put them back), and play squash.