Under the direction of Prof. Piazza the PMaNS Laboratory is conducting cutting-edge research on micro and nanoelectromechanical (M/NEMS) piezoelectric devices for RF signal processing, chemical/biological detection, acoustic sensing and all mechanical computing.

The research group has expertise in different areas of M/NEMS ranging from electrical, mechanical and material engineering. We have access to state-of-the-art nanofabrication and nanocharacterization facilities for manufacturing and testing of new classes of M/NEMS transducers. 

We have fun tackling fundamental science and engineering problems at the micro and nanoscale that can provide orders of magnitude performance improvement over current technologies.  For example, we are currently working on the development of switched AlN filter banks for reconfigurable RF front-ends to be employed in future spectrum-aware cognitive radios, nanoresonant sensing systems that can tag individual molecules and cells and nanomechanical transistors for low power mechanical computing.





Congratulations to Cristian, Jeronimo and Sid for completing their PhD


Sid¡¯s paper nominated for best paper award at IFCS-EFTF 2015


Gian is promoted to full professor




Congrats to Usama and Nancy for securing jobs at Avago and GTRI




Jeronimo¡¯s paper received the best paper award at IEEE IFCS 2013



Congrats to Songbin for securing a faculty position at UIUC



Lisha and Jeronimo¡¯s abstracts have been selected for best paper award at IEEE IFCS 2013




Nick¡¯s paper on Phononic Crystal devices has won the best paper award at the IEEE  Ultrasonic Symposium




Prof. Piazza¡¯s group has moved to Carnegie Mellon University. If you are interested in working in his laboratory, please contact him at piazza@ece.cmu.edu


Congrats to Matteo who is heading off to Northeastern University as assistant professor


Matteo¡¯s paper on the effects of volume and frequency scaling in AlN NEMS resonators on oscillator phase noise wins the best student paper award at IEEE FCS  2011


Matteo was awarded with the 2011 S.J. Stein Prize for superior achievement in the field of new or unique materials or applications for materials in electronics


Matteo and Nick papers on AlN NEMS sensors and phononic crystals are nominated for best student paper awards at IEEE FCS 2011




Chiara and Matteo were awarded with the Weiss Tech House Innovation Fund as students inventors of SmartSense technology


Chengjie¡¯s paper on AlN single-ended and differential-to-differential filters is nominated for best paper award at IEEE FCS 2010




Nipun¡¯s APL paper is featured in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology


Chengjie receives SSCS Predoctoral Fellowship for 2009-2010


Chiara and Matteo¡¯s APL paper is featured in both the Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research  and in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology


Matteo¡¯s paper on AlN filters above 3 GHz wins the best paper award at IEEE FCS¡¯09




Chengjie¡¯s paper on AlN contour-mode oscillators wins best paper award at IEEE FCS¡¯08 in Hawaii




Gian receives the IBM Young Faculty Award

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