About this code

This is MATLAB code for reproducing our results in the paper ``Towards a communication-theoretic understanding of system-level power consumption", submitted to JSAC special issue on green communications.

Code for waterslide lower-bounds for BSC and AWGN (lower bounds for any code on total power as error probability converges to zero; Fig. 6, 7, 8, 9 in the paper): [BSC Waterslides] [AWGN Waterslides]

Upper bounds demonstrating order-optimality of regular-LDPC coddes (in this case, a demonstration using a (3,4)-random LDPC, Gallager-A decoding; Fig. 9) [LDPC Waterslides]

Code for required transmit power (Shannon-limit) vs distance between transmitter and receiver to attain a given rate (Fig. 1): [Calculate req. transmit power]

Code for density of point-to-point links at infinite total available power (Fig. 10) and specified physical parameters: [Uncoded transmission, and Capacity achieving system] [Realistic (not-capacity-achieving) code]

Code for density of point-to-point links at finite total available power (Fig. 11 and 12): [Outer bound] [Density achieved by implementation of reference [7]]